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The Carl Stahl Group is a globally active enterprise. The family-run group with international expertise operates at 65 of its own locations along with numerous sales partners on five continents. The company offers innovative, forward-looking solutions in the fields of lifting technology, architecture and technocables.

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Total turnover (consolidated) of the Carl Stahl Group in Mio. €
Total turnover (consolidated) of the Carl Stahl Group in Mio. €


The figures prove it: Carl Stahl products are in demand worldwide. For years, the sales figures, number of locations and employees have been steadily increasing. The nineties in particular were characterized by rapid growth at Carl Stahl, which continues to this day. From 1990 to the present, sales have risen from the equivalent of just under 30 million euros to 297 million euros. This was due in part to the expansion of the range of products and services, which in turn led to the development of new markets and target groups.

Through acquisitions and takeovers as well as the establishment of branch facilities, the number of locations worldwide has increased tenfold in the last forty years. Today, Carl Stahl has 65 locations on five continents and employs over 1,700 people.

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Company Profile of the Carl Stahl Group
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All important information about the Carl Stahl Group such as sales, locations, history, and the individual divisions.